AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Warboss

The Moonclan Grot Warboss is the meanest nastiest Grot around.  The thing is is that a mean nasty Grot still dosent amount to much. Grot Warbosses work best when backing up and surrounded by thier grot underlings.

Grot Warboss Weapons

The Grot Warboss is not the strongest fighter. He does have a few weapon options. Of all the options I would rscommend the Moon Prodder. This is the weapon that Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks had.

If you have the Night Goblins from the ‘Battle for Skulls Pass’ box set then the Night Goblin Warboss in that set was supposed to be Skarsnik, however the Squig on that model is far too small to be called a ‘Great Cave Squig’. So here is a ‘house rules’:

Some Moonclan Warbosses have a Moon-prodder and junior squig.

Melee Weapons Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
Junior Squig 1″ 2 4 3 -1 1

Junior Squig Abilities:
Junior Squigs have no special abilities.

Grot Warboss Abilities

The Grot Warboss comes wih a special rule that adds an extra chance of survivability.

Dead Tricksy

The ability of Grot Warbosses to dodge blows, or to place another grot in the way is legendary. This special rule means that any rolls to hit of 6 ( on the dice roll before any modifiers ), are treated as rolls of 1. This usually means that they miss.

Grot Warboss Command Ability

I would only recommend using the Grot Warboss as your General if you are playing a Moonclan Grot only army. Otherwise there are usually other, better Generals available.

‘I’m Da Boss, Now Stab Em Good’

If you do make the Grot Warboss your general then you can pick a Moonclan unit in 20″ and that unit will do double damage on unsaved wounds where the wound roll is a six.

A few points to note about this Command Ability. First is that this will work with stooting and combat attacks, but not magic. You do not roll to wound with  Mortal Wounds. The second point is that units that do a random amount of damage, say D6, you roll for damage and double the result and don’t roll 2 D6 dice (D6*2 not 2D6 !). The next point is that you can pick the Grot Warboss as the target unit if you expect your Watboss to get in to combat.