AoS Duardin Miner Tactics

Age Of Sigmar Duardin Miners

General Duardin Miner Tactics

In this section we will have a look at the Duardin Miners and Duardin Miner tactics.

The Duardin army on the whole is quite slow. The main way to beat this is to get the enemy to come to you. The second option is to pop up behind the enemy lines and attack weak spots. The Miners allow you to pop up during any of your turns and just about anywhere on the battle table.

Duardin Miner Strength and Weapons

Duardin Miners are armed with pickaxes. These have a nice -1 rend, but other than that they are fairly basic. Where you can add a punch to your miners if if you add a Mining Cart. With a mining cart all the miners get a 6″ ranged attack too. These Blasting Charges hit as usual but get -2 rend. This means that they can be useful as close support troops. For example if you have a row of Duardin Warriors and a unit of Miners just behind the warriors, the Miners can throw blasting charges in to an assault during the shooting phase. Just remember to leave a small gap between each of the Warriors so that the Miners can see their target!