AoS Duardin Warden King Tactics

Age of Sigmar Warden King on Grudge Stone

Warden Kings are the heroes and the natural leaders of the Duardin army.

Duardin Warden King Strength and Weapons

The Warden King Rune Weapon carries a Rune Weapon. Armed with the Rune Weapon the Warden King makes a powerful close assault character, but not a super hero. This means that your Warden King will work better if he has a bodyguard of Duardin warriors around him.

Armour and Special Rules.

The Warden Kings 4+ save is good but not exceptional. His armour does nothing to stop mortal wounds either. As the Warden King only has 5 wounds you may want to keep him away from units that cause mortal wounds.

Regular wounds are a much easier to deal with than mortal wounds, The Warden King’s Ancestor Shield allows you to re-roll failed saves. This should allow him to save twice as many saves than usual.

Oath Stone

Age of Sigmar Duardin Warden King on Oath Stone

Duardin Warden King on Oath Stone

The Warden King has an ‘Oath Stone’ special rule. This means that if the Warden King stays still for the turn Dispossessed Duardin near him can use the Warden Kings Bravery score that turn for battle Shock tests etc.

The Oath Stone rule is a double edge sword. If you use it then your Warden King must stay still. This is great if you are defending a position, but can be a problem if the battle is fluid and moving around the table.

The model pictured in the Battle Scroll is standing on an Oath Stone. This can be confusing if you are using this special rule in some turns and not in others. I suggest creating a Oath Stone from a 30mm base. This means that you can place the Warden King on the Stone when you are using this special rule and remove the stone when you are not using it.

Command Ability – Ancestral Grudge

If you the Warden King as your hero then you choose to use his special command ability instead of the standard one.

Using the Ancestral Grudge command ability to can select a unit to add 1 to wound rolls. As this effects the whole unit it makes sence go pick a unit that will have a lot attacks that round. This could be both shooting and close combat attacks, so a unit that will do both in a turn will get double benifit ( miners throwing blasting charges before charging in for the assault ).