AoS Chaos Spawn Tactics

Warhammer 40k, and Age of Sigmar Chaos Spawn.

Chaos Spawn where humans that have been so warped by the forces that thwy are more animal than human. This warping also leads to the destruction of rational thought. This means that a couple of key abilities (movement and number of attacks), are random, and as you may have read elsewhere, I see randomness as the enemy of good tactics. You can get Chaos Spawn in two different ways. The first is to have the Chaos Spawn as part of the starting army list as usual. The second is if a model (friend or foe) is warped bymagic are mishap and changed in to a Chaos Spawn. General Chaos Spawn Tactics Chaos Spawn are a bit of a wild card with random movement distance and number of attacks. If tou have some good rolls then they can cause a lot.of damage, however with a coupe of poor rolls your plans will fall apart! The randomness that cause you so much hartache also is the Chaos Spawns strength. This is because although you don’t know quite what the Chaos Spawn will do, neither will your opponant! The difference is that you are the controling player so you can make best use…

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AoS Chaos Everchosen Archaon on Dorghar

AoS Chaos Everchosen Archaon on Dorghar

Also buy: Discount Archeon Models from Wayland Games “It was hidiouse! Truely hidiouse! Out of the darken clouds this creature if true evil dived down apon us, and riding this hell creature named Dorghar was Archaeon himself! Archaeon did not waver, he struck for the General and his retenue. A roar rippled through the Chaos ranks, and the Chaos Heroes where energised with an unholy fevor. Even befor the cry had died down Archaeon was smashing though the Silver Helms ranks. There was an Archmage on a Dragon. We thougt that it would be more than a match for Archaeon, but with a swipe of his sword the dragon’s head was lost, and with a snap of jaws Droghar took the mage. I swear Draghars head glowed! I’m just glad Archaeon is on our side! Now pass that meade.” General Tactics for Archaeon Archaon’s warscroll comes with half s page of special rules. My top tip is to make sure that you know them all. The best way to do this is to set up a few models and roll the dice to see what happens! Archaon and Dorghar’s Weapons and Armour Archaon only has 1 weapon, The Slayer ok…

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AoS Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Knights Tactics

Warhammer AoS Chaos Warriors of Chaos

In this article we will have a look at the tactics we can use for Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights in Age of Sigmar games. General Chaos Warriors Tactics The Chaos Warriors are the standard choice for rank and file troops for the chaos army. They tough with 2 wounds, have 2 attacks each and a good Bravery score. Use the Chaos Warriors as the backbone of your army. They can defend objectives, or form the core of any advance. As usual you will want to ‘soften up’ any enemy units with some ranged fire before the Warriors pile in, and you may want some fast units to follow up any break troughs and etc. Also buy: Discount Chaos Warriors from Wayland Games Chaos Warrior Command Models The horn blowers, standard bearers, and aspiring champion are collectively known as a command group. You do not have to have all of the command models in your unit, or any of them, but they do add useful benefits if you do! Aspiring Champion All units of Chaos Warriors must have a leader. The leader is called and Aspiring Champion. The Aspiring Champion is better at wielding weapons so with a sword, he…

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AoS Chaos Lord Tactics

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

General Chaos Lord Tactics The Chaos Lord is a very capable fighter in the Age of Sigmar games. Placing him on a Daemonic mount gives him speed, extra toughness, and some extra attacks. AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount A Chaos Lord can ride a Daemonic Mount. In this post we will have a look at the Chaos Lords abilities and the tactics you can use in the Age of Sigmar games.   Mounted Chaos Lord Ability – Eye of the Gods This special rule means that if your Chaos Lord kills a Monster or Hero you get extra wounds on a roll of 2+. This is one roll per kill, so if he kills multiple Heroes and Monsters per turn you could get multiple wound bonuses. To get the bonus the Chaos Lord needs to take the last wound. If you have other units in the assault don’t kill off your target. Use the other units to take out any extra units that your opponent has in the combat so that your Chaos Lord can get a clear shot at the target. Marks of Chaos The Chaos Lord can align with one of the four gods of chaos. You…

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AoS Chaos Slaves to Darkness Battalion – Godsworn Champions of Ruin

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

The Godsworn Champions of Ruin can be seen as the default battalion for the Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness army. The basics of this battalion is that you have a general and 3 to 8 Slaves to Darkness units. Using this battalion organisation you can create well rounded army lists that are both flexible and decimating. Organisation Units The organisation options for the Godsworn Champions are quite open. You need a general. The General could be a Daemon Prince, Lord of Chaos, or a Sorcerer Lord. The last two could be mounted on a manticore. My suggestion would be to o with the Daemon Prince, or as a second choice the Lord of Chaos. This is because you can take a Sorcerer Lord in the main body of the battalion. For the main body of the battalion you can take one to eight units that can be selected from the slaves of darkness list. Most of the slave to darkness units are listed with notable exception of the Chaos Marauders in any form (on foot, horse or chariot). The openness in the battalion organization gives you a great deal of flexibility. Of course there are some units that you…

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AoS Chaos Exalted Hero of Chaos

Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Exalted Hero of Chaos

General Exalted Hero of Chaos Tactics The progression for a mortal in the Slaves to Darkness army is: Marauder -> Chaos Warrior -> Chaos Chosen -> Exalted Hero -> Chaos Lord -> Daemon Prince. This means that you can expect your Exalted Hero to be a good fighter, but be careful not to bite off more that you can chew! The Exalted Hero is a good close combat leader. He has a good armour save ( 4+), a decent number of wounds (5). He has a variable number of attacks (D6) and an average chance of wounding ( 4 to hit, 3 to wound, with -1 rend), but there are ways to improve this. You will find details on how to do this later in the post. Exalted Hero of Chaos Abilities The Exalted Hero has a number of Abilities. You will want to be coversant with them all. Trail of Red Ruin The Exalted Hero’s main skill is that he can attack twice in one combat phase. This can be against two different units if they are in range (3″). More about this later too! The best use of the Exalted Hero is to use him to ‘mop up’…

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AoS Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos Sorcerer Lord

In this post we will have a look at the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and how to use them in Age of Sigmar tactics. General Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics The Sorcerer Lord does have some close combat skills, but hand to hand combat is not the best use for the Sorcerer Lord. The main reason you would field the Sorcerer Lord is for his magic ability. The Sorcerer Lord usually is on foot, but you can find models, or create models where the Sorcerer is mounted. If you can find or create a mounted Sorcerers then you will find them much more useful. The extra speed means that you can dash around the board supporting your front line troops where the support is needed most. It doesn’t matter if your Sorcerer Lord is mounted or on foot he will need a bodyguard. If the Sorcerer Lord is mounted the bodyguard will need to keep up so a mounted bodyguard like a unit Chaos Knights. A unit of Chaos Warriors make for a good bodyguard for Sorcerers on foot. A great use for the Sorcerer is to bolster the strength and toughness of you front line troops. There are 3 different ways…

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AoS Chaos Mortal Tactics

Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Exalted Hero of Chaos

In this section we will have a look at the AoS Chaos Mortals in Age of Sigmar and Chaos Tactics. As usual you will need a copy of the rules and access to the units warscrolls to make the best use of these pages. Warriors of Chaos, Monsters of Chaos, Warherd units, Dragon Ogors, and similar units make up for forces of chaos. It is quite reasonable to mix and match these units it the same army. As with most armies there are a number of organizations available if you purchase the extra battletombs. These include extra abilities and special rules if you field the forces listed in the organization. If you have purchased a battletombe with a organisation that fits models you have,then you will find that fielding that organisation as part of your force will help. Also see: AoS Chaos Daemon Tactics Warriors of Chaos Tactics The Warriors of Chaos are where you can find many of the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition characters Archaon The Everchosen Crom The Conqueror Sigval the Magnificent Wulfrik the Wanderer Exalted Hero with Battle Standard Khorne Exalted Hero Galrauch Lamnasu Throgg Chaos Ogres Chaos Trolls Chaos Familiar Khorne Exalted Hero Forsaken Great Taurus Hellcannon…

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