Great 4 Handed game highlights armies strengths and weaknesess

On Saturday we had a great game of Warhammer with 2 Chaos forces ( Chaos Space Marine and Daemons of Tzeentch) face 2 forces of Order (Using AoS) armies of Space Marines and Tau. Richard and I had a quick pre-game match to get use to our new armies. Ghks was the first time I have played Chaos Daemons in 40k so I was flipping back and forth through the Codex getting use to the Daemon Special Rules. Richard also got to grips with the raft of new weapons availible to the Tau since the last Codex. In the afternoon Lee and Mark arrived for the main battle royal. Lee brought Space Marines with him and Mark had Chaos Space Marines. This is what Richard had suggested would be the case so no big surprises there. As Richard and Lee where long time 40k comrades and because it made a better match to the background fluff Richard and Lee teamed up as the forces of order against Mark and I who where the new comers championing  the forces of Chaos. My first surprise was when I saw the army that Mark brought. As we where playing 1000 points per player…

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Tau Heavy Support Tactics

Even though the Tau army are thought of as a heavy weapon style army, the only have 4 heavy weapon choices. This is important when it comes to ‘The Big Guns Don’t Tire’ missions. XV88 Broadside Team The XV88 Broadside Teams are one of the more flexible heavy weapon options available to the Tau army. They have a number of weapon system variations available and as they are based on the XV8 Crisis suits, they have a good degree of armour protection too. Hammerhead Gunship The Hammerhead Gunship is the main battle tank of the Tau army. The Hammerhead Gunship is also an skimmer anti-grav vehicle and much like the Eldar Falcon anti-grav tank in this respect. As a skimmer the Hammerhead can move the usual distance for a tank but it can hop over difficult terrain. This can be useful for hopping over a building for example and catching the enemy from an unexpected direction. Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship The Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunships replace the Railgun or Ion Cannon with a rack of 6 Seeker Missiles. The advantage of this is that the Seeker Missiles can be filed by anyone that can light up the target…

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Tau Fast Attack Tactics

Tau are usually played as a static gun line army designed to wait for the enemy to come to you and gunning them down as they approach. However, what do you do if the objectives are outside of your defensive lines? Well in this case you need to whittle down the enemy with the big guns as far as possible and then use the fast attack teams to mop up what is left. Pathfinder Team Tactics The Pathfinders are the Scouts of the Tau army. They get the Scout and Outflanking special rules. However the Pathfinders have a specific role in the Tau army, the lightinhup of targets with Markerlights! Vespid Stingwing Tactics Vespid Stingwings are the jump pack troops of the Tau Army. Instead of having Jet packs  like the Crisis suits the Vespid are another alien race that have been drawn in to the Tau army. I like the Vespid Stingwings as a good anti Space Marine strike force. At 18 points a model, and with a 18″ range weapon, they will not survive if you assault a large Space Marine unit, but if you are looking to take out a wounded unit that has strayed way from the main…

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Tau Troop Tactics

The Troop choices are the backbone of the Tau army. You need troop units to capture objectives. The Tau Codex only offers two options when it comes to Troop choices, the Tau Fire Warriors, and the Kroot Carnivore Squad. Tau Fire Warrior Team Tactics The Tau Fire Warriors have some of the best basic weapons in the game. With a massive 30″ range and S5, these weapons give the opponant something to think about if they want to rush your lines. Fire Warriors are good value for their points cost. For 9 points per warrior you get the a 4+ save and the 30″ S5 basic weapon mentioned earlier. If you compare this to the 10 points per model that the Imperial Guard infantry man costs you can see my point. The weak spot with the Tau Fire Warrior is when it comes to close combat. With stats of WS2 and I2, you can see that the Tau will fall like flies. So the core stratagem you will need to employ will be to shoot the enemy down before they get in to assault range. Kroot Squad Tactics


Tau Elite Tactics

General Tau Elite Tactics The Tau have a 3 Elite choices that you can choose from. These range from the stealthy XV25 Stealth Teams to the monstrous ‘ tank on legs ‘ XV104 Riptide battlesuit. In this section we will have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Tau Elite units. XV8 Crisis Team Tactics XV25 Stealth Team Tactics XV104 Riptide Tactics


Tau HQ Tactics

Unlike most Warhammer 40k armies many of the Tau HQ options have better stats and then also get some heavy weapons to play with too. This means that you have mobile gun platforms with better Ballistic skills too! Named Tau HQ Characters Commander Farsight Commander Shadowsun Aun’Va Aun’Shi Darkstrider Tau Commander Tactics The Tau Commander is the most popular option when it comes to selecting a leader fo your Tau army. There is good reason for thi too. First he has good stats, specially for reanged warfare, but not too shabby in close assalt. He also gets the XV8 Crisis Battle Suit. This gives him a far better 3+ save, but also allows him to take four of the ranged weapons or support weapons that make the Tau such fun to play. And remember that the battle suits have the jetpack rule, so your commander can move, shoot and then retreat for cover in the one turn. Drones The Tau Commander can take up to 2 drones. It is highly recommended that you take these. The Drones add additional fire power or support systems, however their main benifit is that they can do ‘ look out sir ‘ test and save…

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Tau Tactics

The Tau are the new army in the galaxy. Bristling with high tech weaponry the Tau are fast and hard hitting. To use these pages you will need the new 2013 Tau Codex and the Main Warhammer 40k rulebook. If you do not have these yourself, you will need regular access to them. General Tau Tactics There are some tactics that are useful for several different units or need to be considered for the whole army. Good In Low Point Games Became the basic Tau weapon is so good,  you do not need as much heavy support in low point games ( under 1000 points ). This has been highlighted in the latest Kill Team box set where Tau are pitted against Space Marines. Use your Drones The Tau drones are a very useful addition to a unit. You will find that most units can have additional drones attached. In the 2013 Tau Codex the range of drones available have been expanded. Have a look at each type and play with the combinations to find a mix that works for you. The Tau Gun Line The Tau troops have a great standard ranged weapon, but they are very weak when it…

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