8th Ed Fantasy Battles Close Combat Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

Mastering the close combat phase in Warhammer 8th edition Fantasy Battles can be seen in 3 phases. The first phase is to learn the basic mechanics of the close combat phase. The rule book does a very good job of leading you through the close combat rules, so I recommend that you read and practice this as a first step. The second phase of becoming a master of close combat in Warhammer 8th edition, is to become a master of how to assault different army formations to get the best results. The third and last phase is knowing how to arrange your units to avoid all the pitfalls that you have discovered as you where mastering how to assault your opponents formations. For this reason I will be concentrating on the second phase of mastering the close combat phase here. Also buy: Discount Warhammer Fantasy Battles Miniatures from Element Games Start at the End This may seem odd. But once you have mastered the basics of the close combat phase, the best way to formulate strategies to use in the close combat phase, is to start with how you would like the combat to conclude and then work backwards planning…

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General Warhammer Fantasy Tactics

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

 In this section we will look at the tactics that apply to all the Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy armies! Leadership Leadership is very important in Warhammer Fantasy. The main source of leadership will be from your Lords and Heroes. Keep these characters near the center of your army. This is specially true if you are fielding an army that generally has a low leadership score. Movement and Placement The next most important skill is manoeuvring your forces so they are in the right place at the right time. Magic Tactics Magic is a major part of the Warhammer Fantasy Armies battles. One thing to be aware of, is that there is a lot more magic dice in the 2010 rules. Now you get 2D6 magic dice per turn. This means that you could have anywhere between 2 and 12 magic dice, with an average of 7. The Role of Magic Users The magicians have three roles, they can cast spells that protect or enhance your forces, they can cast spells that damage the enemy forces, and they can dispel your opponents spells. How many dice? More dice you roll the higher you chances are of you rolling a miscast. Also…

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Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition

Warhammer fantasy Battle 8th Edition Island of Blood box set

Warhammer 8th Edition Enter the world of Wizards and Dragons with Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy Battles. Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy is set in a fantasy setting of wizards, dragons, and mythical creatures. Warhammer Fantasy has more rules than the Sci-fi version so it appeals to the more mature player. The races available are similar to Warhammer 40K with approximately 15 different armies available to choose from. Please remember that these pages are not a replacement for the Rulebook. You will need the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rulebook, or at least access to one, to play the game. You will not find Warhammer Fantasy Battles in the Games Workshop Warhammer shops any more as it has been replaced by Warhammer Age of Sigmar. However if the prefer the more complex and tactically challenging Fantasy Battles rules I have kept these pages available. In the Age of Sigmar stories the Fantasy Battles era is called the Age of Myth. Why Play Warhammer Fantasy? The Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy Battles has been replaced by Games Workshop with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, so why is there still such a strong following? Warhammer Fantasy Battles requires much more precise thinking that is required for Warhammer 40k or…

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