AoS Chaos Skaven Clan Moulder Tactics

AoS Chaos Skaven Skryre and Moulder Stormfeinds

Clan Moulder is the clan of  Skaven race that love to meddle in bio-genetics. By grafting body part from different creatures they create monsters that rival Frankenstine’s.  Clan Moulder also have an affinity with the smaller and more feral rat creatures that accompany the Skaven in to battle.

General Clan Moulder Tactics

It is possible, but rare to play a pure Clan Moulder army. If you do want to play a Clan Moulder only army then you will need a good number of Ratings Swarms and Giant Rats, herded by Pack Masters followed up with Rat Ogors, and a brood horror or two to tack on more difficult enemy units.

A more usual way to play Clan Moulder is to use them as auxiliary units to a more inclusive Skaven army. A common example of this is adding Pack Masters and Rat Ogers to back up basic Skaven, adding mussel when needed.

Clan Moulder Pack Master Tactics

Pack Masters are the core of Clan Moulder. The junior Pack Masters are in charge of herding swams of Rat Swarms and Giant Rats. More senior Pack Masters get to herd Rat Ogers that they have created. The most senior get to create the massive Hell Pit Abominations.

As the Pack Master has such a key role in the army in will be a key target for your enemy. Following this line of thought it makes sense to give your Pack Masters plenty of protection. This is where the Wolf Rats come in their own.

Pack Masters can be armed with one of three different herding tools/weapons. There is surprisingly little difference between the three weapons. The knife and whip has more attacks but causes less damage. The Shock Prod hits less frequently but causes plenty of damage if it does hit. The Thing Catcher lies somewhere in the middle.

Clan Moulder Rat Swarm Tactics

Rat Swarms are the smallest of the rat folk. They are so small several are placed on one base to make them large enough to make them playable. So does this mean that the Rat Swams should be overlooked? Absolutely not! I know that they will take wounds and they are not particularly quick, but 5 attacks per base adds up! One base with 5 attacks has a 55% chance of wounding (before saves). Add this to the 4 wounds per base and you can see that the Rat Swams will hang around longer than you would expect, and hopefully catch you opponent off guard!

As we see, each base of Rat Swarms has bite. But hang on, there’s more! The special rule will allow you to add an extra base to the unit each Hero Phase. This means that if you have a single base, and can keep it alive for one hero phase then you double its value by adding a second base to the unit. It also means that fielding two single bases is far more valuable than starting out with a unit of two! Make sure you have enough bases to allow for reinforcements. Remember that you can reuse dead units to act as newly spawned ones.

Because the Rat Swarms reproduce so quickly they are worth saving and allowing to grow in number before you send them in to the fight. Using them to defend an objective is a good example of this.

Clan Moulder Giant Rats Tactics

Age 0f Sigmar Chaos Skaven Giant Rats and Rat SwarmLarger than a rat swarm, but smaller than Skaven are Giant Rats.

Giant Rats definitely work better in larger numbers. If you look at the basic stats line their hit and wound rolls look terrible. 5+ to hit and 5+ to wound means you have a 1 in 9 or 11.11% chance of wounding per model! However if you look at the special rules you see that as packs get larger they get more useful too. With a pack of 10 you effectively only need to roll a 4+ to hit. This means that you have a 16.66% chance of wounding (before saves). With 20+ models in the pack you get +2 to hit and an extra attack. This is a 44.44% chance to wound per model! And with 30 models you get +3 to hit and 2 extra attacks each.

Skaven Clan Moulder Rather Ogor Tactics

Rat Ogors are Clan Moulder creations. As the name suggests they are Ogor sized rat creations that can add extra mussel to your army.